Five-Unit Flagship 2BA+1DD+2EST Hybrid IN- Ear Earphones

  • Upgraded Configuration
  • Advanced Electrostatic Units
  • Electrostatic Speaker Driver
  • Enhanced Low-Frequency Dynamics
  • Optimized Mid and High Frequencies
  • Customizable Sound
  • Lightweight and Acoustically Enhanced Design
  • High-Quality Copper Cable
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Upgraded Configuration

In the pursuit of a transcendent musical journey, BAX Pro has embarked on a path of innovation, elevating its tunable dynamic and electrostatic hybrid in-ear earphones. BAX Pro now features an upgraded configuration that incorporates advanced electrostatic, dynamic, and balanced armature units, complemented by a customizable design. This enhanced setup has resulted in several notable improvements.

Advanced Electrostatic Units

The enhanced high-frequency unit now boasts dual Knowles balanced armature units, providing superior sound clarity, an expanded dynamic range, and an overall enhancement in earphone audio quality. These design improvements enrich the sound spectrum and optimize the earphone's efficiency, delivering a profoundly improved listening experience.

Electrostatic Speaker Driver

The use of imported electrostatic units has extended the frequency response range and elevated sound quality to new heights. With two electrostatic units, BAX Pro precisely captures and faithfully reproduces high-frequency signals, resulting in a more transparent and refined auditory experience. Notably, the high-frequency performance stands out, delivering pure sound quality that unlocks an entirely new realm of auditory sensations.

Enhanced Low-Frequency Dynamics

BAX Pro is not just about high frequencies; it also incorporates a fourth-generation dual-magnetic low-frequency dynamic unit. This 10mm dual-magnetic large dynamic unit excels in terms of frequency response and dynamic range. It delivers clear and robust bass with a rich atmospheric quality, thanks to the beryllium diaphragm that offers exceptional rigidity and response speed. This enhancement provides greater detail and musicality to your listening experience.

Optimized Mid and High Frequencies

In the mid to high-frequency spectrum, BAX Pro introduces the new Knowles 33518 dynamic driver dedicated to high frequencies. This addition enhances high-frequency clarity, infusing the overall sound quality with a lifelike and captivating brightness. Coupled with the 29689 mid-frequency dynamic driver, it extends mid-frequency details and layering, ensuring BAX Pro delivers an incredible musical performance.

Customizable Sound

With the incorporation of state-of-the-art electronic three-way technology and a three-stage tuning switch, BAX Pro offers six adjustable tuning styles. These styles can be seamlessly customized to cater to a wide range of listening preferences, ensuring there's always a mode that perfectly suits your personal taste.

Lightweight and Acoustically Enhanced Design

BAX Pro now incorporates lightweight materials, reducing the earphones' overall weight by 35% without compromising quality. Crafted from an aluminum-magnesium alloy, known for its remarkable strength and corrosion resistance, the earphones feature an intricately designed sound chamber that enhances the precision and clarity of audio waves. The professionally designed cavity results in a richer, more realistic, and expansive musical environment. The semi-open face cover design alleviates pressure, guaranteeing a relaxing and enjoyable listening experience.

High-Quality Copper Cable

As a standard feature, BAX Pro includes an eight-strand single crystal copper detachable cable. This cable comprises eight independent strands of single crystal copper, which enables efficient signal transmission with increased capacity and stability. Experience smooth and delicate high-frequency transmission with high resolution, clear details, and strong layering. The mid-frequency range offers textured, well-balanced tones with magnetic sound quality, while the low-frequency response is deep and elastic. You also have the flexibility to choose from 3.5mm, 2.4mm, or 4.4mm audio connectors for convenient cable replacement.

Jack type
Ear hook
Earphone topography
Frequency response
7Hz-40000 Hz
Connector type
Cable length
  • 1x TRN BAX pro
  • Eight-strand single crystal copper cable
  • Aluminum storage case
  • 3.5/2.5/4.4mm connectors
  • 8 pair of ear tops balanced*3(SML)+ T-set*3(SML) + foam tips*2(M)

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