Optional labels It provides two stock labels in the package you can pick the one you like and stick it to the front of the carrying case. Or you can keep it as it is or pastes some other stickers...
Double-layer Space The DDHIFI C100 has a double-layer design. For the upper layer, you can store earphone cables or commonly used earbuds. It is designed with a mesh pocket on both the up and down sides and is filled with...
Four Pockets, Large Storage DDHIFI C2022 has four different functional pockets for different products storage. The front pocket is a semi-open space with double strap which is recommended to store music players, amplfiiers, dongles etc., especially for devices with key...
DDHiFi C2021
Brand-New Design DDHiFi C2021 has elevated the look from head to toe with the genuine leather material. It¡¯s applied to the sides, the cover, as well as the bottom. It¡¯s exquisitely made to provide ultimate experience and storage your devices...
More Integrated Color Matching The cover sides, zippers and the strips of C2021G are all in jungle green, making the overall color. DDHIFI Features Continue C2021G owns retro color matching but a convenient design. It is equipped with a metal...
Free Gifts for All Linsoul Online Purchases
Free Gifts for All Linsoul Online Purchases To all Linsoul customers and friends, We want to thank you so much for your continued support and love all of these years. To show our gratitude, from now on, all orders from...
Linsoul Case
Linsoul Case Earphone Case 1. Compatible Models: Earphone Accessories 2. Colors: black 3. Function: Anti-Dust 4. Compatible Models: Earphone Accessories 5.Package Includes: 1 x Linsoul case ( not include earphone and cable)
Linsoul EC01
WATERPROOF,DUSTPROOF&CRUSHPROOF Linsoul earphone case is designed with an easy open latch. It also has a rubber liner for extra waterproof protection. It works like as O-ring seal. VERSATILITY Secure storage case for earphones, eartips, music player, music amplifier,USB cable and...
TinHiFi Case
Tin HIFI Auido Case Tin HIFI Auido Case made of PU leather material with excellent impact resistance. By storing it in the Case, breakage and breakdown due to winding and excessive winding of the cable can be prevented. Delicate workmanship,...

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