Kiwi Ears x Crinacle: Singolo

Custom 11mm Dynamic Driver IEM with KARS
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Revolutionary KARS Technology: Experience unmatched bass quality with the Kiwi Acoustic Resonance System (KARS). Unlike traditional crossovers, KARS ensures a pure audio experience, free from distortion.

Custom LCP Diaphragm Driver: Crafted with a custom 11mm dynamic driver and Japanese Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm, the Singolo delivers precise sound fidelity.

Tuned to Crinacle's Signature: Tuned to Crinacle's tonal signature, the Singolo boasts an 8dB sub-bass shelf for powerful yet pristine bass, complemented by a neutral midrange and clean treble. Enjoy a natural sound signature akin to a subwoofer without the subwoofer.

Detachable Cable System: Equipped with a detachable cable system featuring 2-pin 0.78mm connectors, the Singolo offers a customizable user experience and increased lifespan, allowing users to swap cables effortlessly.

About Kiwi Ears

We are a small international group of engineers with a single goal of producing the best sounding audio solutions for musicians and audiophiles. We focus on developing the latest technological driver innovations with refined tuning strategies that reveal every nuance in your music and performance. Our small team of dedicated engineers handcraft each unit so that you can worry less about what’s in your ears and focus more on the sounds you are making. We’re bringing melodies that inspire.

Kiwi Ears x Crinacle

We have collaborated with Crinacle, one of the world’s best renown audio reviewers. Crinacle has forever changed the in-ear monitor industry with his frequency measurement database, which is the biggest compilation of tonal signatures available online. By allowing people to visualize sound signatures of headphones and earphones, Crinacle has demystified the audio industry, paving a new path for scientific and transparent approach in designing headphones and earphones. Crinacle has provided his expertise in designing the Singolo, which showcases his years of experience and knowledge of in-ear monitors.

Kiwi Acoustic Resonance System (KARS)

KARS is not a gimmick – it is a discrete band-pass filter that manipulates airflow to the driver, regulating low frequency output. This patented innovation features an elaborate labyrinth tubing network that has been designed after numerous scientific and physical models to perfectly calculate the appropriate resonance point for the Singolo’s driver. KARS makes a tight sub-bass shelf possible; something that has been previously impossible in a single-driver IEM. The bass quality, quantity, and texture are all incomparable to any other tuning strategy used in a similar driver format.
Unlike traditional crossover networks that uses multiple drivers with RC (resistor-capacitor) networks, KARS instead uses Helmholtz resonance to regulate its tuning. Airflow to a dynamic driver regulates how much the diaphragm can respond, but also requires additional calculations of flow rate, direction, and volume. KARS allows exact regulation of this airflow to manipulate the sound as we desire. While capacitors and resistors provide a calculated means of crossover solutions, they also add unwanted artifacts to the sound in the form of distortion, especially when cheap SMD components are used.

With KARS, the sound you are hearing is directly from the driver itself, which translates into a pure and higher resolving audio experience without the hindrance of passive electrical components. KARS also eliminates the need for driver venting meshes, which has been traditionally used to regulate airflow into drivers. These meshes have low tolerances, causing unit-variances, as well as weak durability. KARS’ precise engineering eliminates this potential for imbalances and delivers a uniform sound in every unit.
The specific length, dimensions, and right-angled corners of KARS had to be scientifically calculated and tested to control the sub-bass shelf. KARS is precisely 3D-printed with a 1.0 micron precision. The labyrinth regulates airflow to the rear of the dynamic driver chamber, tightly controlling the back pressure to the diaphragm. This achieves two things simultaneously - it accurately regulates the sub-bass and bass response, and it also regulates pressure ventilation within your ear, which allows more comfortable and pressure-free listening. Finally, KARS allows a calculated removal of rear wave reflections from the driver, reducing wave cancellation and creating a higher quality sound.

Custom Japan-made LCP Diaphragm Driver

To best showcase the KARS system, the Singolo features a custom Japanese Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm driver. This 11mm dynamic driver is custom created for our KARS format, with unique front and rear acoustic chamber profiles. LCP was chosen for the diaphragm material due to its crisp, yet natural tonal characteristics. Harder metal-based diaphragms tend to have a metallic tinge to their timbre, while plastic-based diaphragms tend to sound dull. LCP provides a perfect balance between rigidity for fast transients, and natural timbre.
Implementing KARS, this driver has been precision-tuned using only acoustic dynamics, meaning the sound you hear is purely from the driver.

Crinacle’s Tonal Signature

The Singolo is tuned in accordance to Crinacle’s tonal signature. It’s a synthesis of all of the best tuning profiles found in the world’s most successful earphones throughout the years. Featuring a 8dB sub-bass shelf, the bass is incredibly hard hitting and powerful, but it pristinely cuts off at 300Hz. This allows for a neutral midrange that articulates the natural sound of vocals and instruments without any artificial bloating or muddiness. The treble follows the perfect in-ear pinna compensatory curvature, with a clean 3kHz peak and a natural decay into the upper treble. With the Singolo, the name of the game is a perfectly natural sound signature - a subwoofer without the subwoofer.

Detachable Cable System

The Singolo comes standard with a detachable cable system. Using 2-pin 0.78mm connectors, the cable can be detached and swapped with any other cable. This allows a customizable user experience, as well as effectively increasing the lifespan of the Singolo.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Kiwi Ears x Crinacle: Singolo
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Kiwi Ears x Crinacle: Singolo Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details


Kiwi Ears x Crinacle Singolo


Custom 11mm Dynamic Driver + KIWI Acoustic Resonance System (KARS)

Frequency Response

20Hz- 20kHz




32 ohms

Earphone Material


Cable Length

1.2 meters

Cable Interface


Plug Type

3.5mm Mini-Jack

Inner Nozzle Diameter


Suitable Ear Tip Size



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
David C

I thought they were saying this was going to be comparable to something 2 or 3 times the price? I think the Zero Red sounds better, and the Red is cheaper!
I wouldn’t say they are a waste of money but I think I could have gotten something better for the price. A lot of hype over a standard, slightly overpriced iem. A shame really as I’ve liked all the other Crinacle collabs.
You live and learn. Hype isn’t everything.

Reuben D
There No Soundstage!!

Sure it may be harmen curve accurate but man there no breath. I dunno he flaunted it like it was close to Variations but man there is a huge difference between 100 bills and 500. The technology not there it feels like a bad iem instead of being there in the booth

Poor Fit

I could not get a seal with the IEMs.

Dear customer,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you experienced during your shopping experience with us.

We understand that each individual's ears are unique, and it may be challenging for our products to fit everyone perfectly. However, we genuinely value your feedback and are continuously striving to improve.

If you're seeking a tailored solution for a perfect fit, we recommend considering Earprints for customizing your IEMs exclusively to your ear shape and size. This personalized approach ensures maximum comfort and an optimal listening experience tailored specifically to you.

Once again, we apologize for any frustration caused, and we appreciate your understanding and support as we work to enhance our products and services.

Thank you for choosing LINSOUL.

Anthont Sacerdote

Kiwi Ears x Crinacle: Singolo

best bang for the buck

This earphone is excellent for rock listeners. The natural bass and weighty bass and Crinacle's excellent sound signature makes this IEM sounding as an 500$ IEM. Crunchy sound with a good solid bass. Excellent prize ratio for rock listeners. Very good cable and comfortable to wear (at least for me).
Compared to the 7HZ x Crinacle Zero: 2 the bass of the KIWI is better pronounced and sound more "expensive" (probably less distortion). The ZERO 2 is delivered with better tips but the cable of the KIWI is better.

Caleb johnson

I have too many IEM's to list. This is one of the most unimpressive. It's has decent bass but lacks everywhere else. I enjoy KZ Castor bass edition more than this. I keep listening to the Singolo hoping I change my mind with time but it's simply a bad IEM.

Sacred iKon
Poor seal and lacking comfort

The good. Sound is clean with decent bass. Good for gaming as well.

The bad.

Poor seal as the nozzle is to short. I'm constantly having to jam these into my ear to get a seal. If I smile, laugh, cough, have a facial twitch, talk or my ears sweat the seal will break.

I have to use the largest tips and jam them into my ear to get a seal. Even then the seal last less than 5 minutes and the longer I wear them the more my ear cannal hurts.

Save your money and go with something else.

A decent driver ruined by a horrible nozzle and shell.

Jian-Rong Li
Short Sound Tubes and Inappropriate Shell Design

Just received these headphones, here are my immediate thoughts:

Pros: The tuning strikes a balance between neutrality and entertainment, offering decent resolution for the price.

Cons: The fit is uncomfortable due to excessively short sound tubes and a shell design that lacks consideration for ear anatomy. This makes it extremely difficult for the headphones to properly align with the ear canal without manually adjusting them. Despite the affordable price, I believe the manufacturer should have taken cues from products like Moondrop or Thieaudio in shell design. Without such attention to detail, this flaw reflects poorly on the craftsmanship of the headphones.

In my opinion, the most basic thing about IEM is to make it easy for users to wear it, and then there are non-consensus features such as tuning and resolution, sound field, and imaging.

Don’t bother, buy the 7hz Zero 2 or Truthear Zero blue or red instead.

I was looking forward to receiving these iem’s as I’ve had good experiences from Crinacle in the past with my Truthear Zero and 7 Hz Zero 2 which are my current favourites but Crinacle/kiwi ears are just milking a cash cow with this release as the sound quality is barely ok at best. I’ve had better accessories from a £15 iem from aliexpress, No case, totally unusable eartips of the worst quality I have ever received in 20 years of iem use, passable cable quality and the iem shell itself is very oddly shaped with a very short stubby tip, the shell itself sits against your ear canal opening and the short stubby tip does not extend far enough to get a good seal despite trying 6 different tips from my collection, any movement and the iem comes out of your ear. The 7hz zero 2 absolutely trounces these in fit and sound quality,

Kiwi ears?, never again, Crinacle you’d better have an on your knees grovelling apology before I ever consider one of your collabs ever again, I can afford to throw $79 down the drain but so many of your fans cannot, this will be a small fortune to many of your fans and they are going to be so disappointed in these, that’s not how you should treat them. Either remove these from the market or drop the price to $25 and refund those who have purchased at $79.

Abraham Ko
Great Sound and Bass

Came from a 7hz Salnotes Zero and wanted something with more bass. Thought same sound profile should be up my alley. It was exactly what I was looking for with more clear bass. Very happy with my purchase. Using the USB C and ear tips from the 7hz Zero and it works great! The ear tips provided from the 7hz did give me better bass feel in my opinion so been using them.

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