HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite
HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite
HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite
HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite
HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite
HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite

HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite

Flagship 50mm Suspension Diaphragm Headphones
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Upgraded with a new 50mm long-stroke layered diaphragm for improved clarity, definition, and dynamic range.

Composite biomembrane design in the diaphragm enhances responsiveness, resulting in faster and stronger bass slams and smoother high frequencies.

Paired with the ultralight Japanese Daichi CCAW premium voice coil for effortless driving and crisp, agile, and lifelike sound reproduction.

Comes with two premium custom cables (4.4mm balanced and balanced XLR 4-core) made with single crystal copper and silver-plated copper wires for a perfect balance between warmth and transparency, enhancing texture and resolution in the sound.

Daichi CCAW Voice Coil

The Zeus Elite has paired the new diaphragm membrane with the ultralight Japanese Daichi CCAW premium voice coil, which makes driving the diaphragm effortless. Together with a stronger magnetism and superior magnetic field design, the Zeus Elite sounds crisp, agile, and life-like.

HarmonicDyne: The Pursuit of Better Sound

HarmonicDyne’s goal is to deliver better sounding audio to the everyday music lover. HarmonicDyne has made its global success through several crowdfunding campaigns, including the Helios, Zeus, and Poseidon headphones. Each of these launches achieved the combination of amazing acoustic performance, bespoke craftsmanship, and budget-friendly affordability. HarmonicDyne will continue the tradition of designing and carefully manufacturing the best headphones that are accessible to every audience.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Acoustic architecture

Open Back


Ф50mm Dynamic


Dual 3.5mm


0.25%@1KHz 100dB SPL





Frequency Response

10-70KHz(Free Field)

Ear cup

Zebra Wood


Suede Fabric+Leather

Cable Details

4.4mm Balanced Cable; XLR-4pin Balanced Cable






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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite

good sound & quility

Order never delivered

Linsoul chose a shipper which does not deliver to my area. When notified of this problem, Linsoul did not change the shipper but told me to deal with them. This is backwards and the worst customer service.

Andreas Norlander
Really damn great

I have always been a speaker guy. Just with very good AnC headphones for everyday use. Now I live in an apartment and need headphones. These are amazing. Currently just running them from my laptop with an adapter. They sound awesome. My only wish is for a single ended cable or an adapter to be included like other models

Diego Baltazar

Out of the many headphones I have ever bought they do not compare with these

Alex Lee

HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite

Good, but not blown away

The headphones are more or less comfortable, most headphones aren’t that uncomfortable to me though except maybe the r70x.

I’m coming from other headphones I already own like the dt900 prox, the hd560s, r70x, 300r, raptgo hook x etc. These headphones to my ear sounds more like a 20-30% more closed 900 pro x. The soundstage is a bit close, the bass tuning is there but might not be my preference, I tend to like more sub bass than midbass. I think it might be that these are closed, the sound is a little claustrophobic. It doesn’t sound “bad”. But I wasn’t blown away by these at all. I was expecting these to be better than the 900 pro x. If they are, it isn’t by very much. I mostly using my headphones for gaming immersion, soundwhoring in multiplayer games and occasional music production. I try to use these but I keep finding myself going back to the 900 pro x. It might be that there is no “perfect” headphone for gaming. I like these in certain games like black ops 4, and certain games, but in for example the new cod beta, I preferred the 900 pro x. So I’ll probably keep these in case they sound better depending on the game. For open ended battle royale games, I think the 900 pro x is better, and sometimes the hd560s are just as good.

Remain anonymous
Great Headphones for Black Metal

Having owned the original Zeus, I felt it lacked bass, but not bass head levels either, So when I heard about HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite was coming out I wanted to know what would be different this time...
The Original Zeus is fantastic for details and stage but did feel the bass was way too shy, but still liked it for listening to Black Metal like Evilfeast.
Time passed and heard about the New HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite from a trusted reviewer HawaiiBadBoy who knows about bass and he did recommend this headphones for Rock and so forth which the original Zeus could not because the bass would not go down deep enough.
Then there was this other moron on YouTube I think they call him Z reviews...
I did not understand a single word they guy said. And by the way he does horrible headphones reviews, among other things... I think he's and Ahole in my opinion.
Well Linson, maybe its time to send products for review to other well trained people in the review crowd in YT, Like HBB, and the HeadphoneShow at least they take the time to correctly evaluate the sound which is the most important thing in a review.

The Sound on these headphones for Black metal does bring out the details of Ambient, screeching guitars and the kick drum, Vocals are clear, the synthesizer, it makes the music sound grandeur.

Now regarding the headband I see no issues as some YT Reviews have made it up to be, Its perfect. Its, unique and gives me no issues.

Lars-Jarle Sætren
Just love this headsett 😍

But for the build quality its not all there , but insane good sound makes up for it, they look very nice to , i am just as happy with my yanyin canon ll eim's i but to, and custermor support is the best ,🤩🥳😍

HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite

Firstly can I say I was happy with the comfort and sound when they arrived. However I have a lot of cables, pads and a few different dacs. So I inevitably stated pad rolling g and cable matching. I have subsequently found replacements for both which provide me with a sound signature which I believe out performs the stock version. Thankfully because of the price I was happy to do this and I find the Zeus Elite a wonderful addition to my collection. I especially love them with extreme music.

Alston Maccow
HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite

Very detailed headphone for its price point

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