RAPTGO Bridge - Blue
RAPTGO Bridge - Blue
The Next Generation of Hi-Fi Experience the perfect fusion of sound quality and versatility with the Raptgo BRIDGE in-ear tribrid Hi-Fi earphones. Combining cutting-edge technology and innovative design, these earphones are tailored to satisfy the needs of audiophiles and casual...
Raptgo GR-2CP - Purple
Raptgo GR-2CP - Purple
Professional Knowles Dual Balanced Armatures Ragtgo GR-2CP adopts professional Knowles balanced armatures. One 29689 and one 33518 for a clear and transparent sound. Overall you will have a transparent and balanced sound, low distortion, warm and kind vocal, thick and...
Raptgo GR-40CP - Blue
Professional 4BA Knowles Balanced Armatures Ragtgo GR-40CP adopts professional Knowles balanced armatures. 29689, 33518 and 33AJ007, three different types of Knowles drivers configuration for a clear and transparent sound. Overall you will have a transparent and balanced sound, low distortion,...
Novel Concept, Precise Execution The Hook-X is the first attempt at a hybrid in-ear monitor design utilizing the planar magnetic driver in combination with a piezoelectric (PZT) driver. These two driver types are among the most sensational driver technologies in...
New Generation 10mm LCP Dynamic Driver A powerful yet affordable newly launched performer, the RAPTGO Leaf D01 earphone features a self-developed 10mm dual cavity dynamic driver that has been modeled and simulated to the most excellent performance. 9 micro Japanese...
RAPTGO Release
Litz Taiwan Single Crystal Copper & Long Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Conductor The release is a shielded version of upgraded earphone cable jointly created by RAPTGO and DDHIFI, which adopts Taiwan Bandung single crystal copper and long crystal copper silver-plated conductor....
Raptgo TWS-01
Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0, APT-X ACC Supported Raptgo TWS-01 adopts Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 technology which is not only fast and stable but also of high ability of resisting interference. It supports Aptx/AAC HD lossless Bluetooth transmission and also make optimization according...
RAPTGO x HBB Collaboration IEM? Raptgo has partnered with one of the legendary audio reviewers in the audiophile world, ¡°Bad Guy, Good Audio Reviews¡± (also known as Hawaian Bad Boy), to upgrade the previous success-Hook-X in-ear monitor to achieve next-level...

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