DUNU Hulk Pro Mini
High-Performance Cable Composition Crafted from highly-refined Furukawa monocrystalline copper, the Hulk Pro Mini features optimized wire diameter and a 40% reduction in weight for enhanced comfort. The 26AWG wire diameter ensures an impeccable balance between signal transmission and lightweight design....
DUNU S&S Eartips
High-quality material DUNU S&S Eartips is made of flexible silicone. The outer layer and inner tube are straight design to provide higher wearing comfort. Improved listening experience DUNU S&S Eartips can bring better high-frequency extension to earphones, improve the dynamic...
DUNU Candy Eartips
High-quality material DUNU Candy Eartips is made of flexible silicone. The outer layer and inner tube are straight design to provide higher wearing comfort. Improved listening experience DUNU Candy Eartips can bring better high-frequency extension to earphones, improve the dynamic...
DUNU Alpha 3
Experience the Power of the 14.2mm Dynamic Driver Presenting the DUNU Alpha 3, a cutting-edge flagship flat-head earbuds crafted by DUNU. This premium-quality set boasts a substantial 14.2mm dynamic driver unit, complemented by an LCP (liquid crystal polymer) composite diaphragm...
DUNU Falcon Ultra
Falcon Ultra: Redefining Pure Sound with Striking Design DUNU introduces the Falcon Ultra, an upgraded version of its classic Falcon Pro IEMs. While retaining the original model's design and ergonomics, the Falcon Ultra has undergone a complete internal redesign. Sporting...
An Exquisite Oeuvre by DUNU DUNU's offerings are renowned for their luxurious headphones, boasting exceptional audio fidelity, impeccable workmanship, and an outstanding price-to-performance ratio. In comparison to the original SA6, the MK2 variant has unleashed its potential and undergone numerous...
DUNU Kima / Kima Classic
High-Performance Dual-Cavity DLC Dynamic Driver Equipped with a 10mm high-performance dual-chamber dynamic driver unit. It adopts a new-generation DLC material diaphragm, N52 Neodymium stron magnetic circuit, high-tension ultra-fine voice coil wire, resonance suppressing Dual-cavity structure, and many more professionally designed...
Mokume Gane Inspired Faceplates Like metamorphic rock transformed from igneous origins, the serpentine, layered pattern of the mokume gane inspired faceplates marks a new aesthetic direction for DUNU. Cnc Machined Aluminum Shells Ergonomically shaped for a wide variety of ear...
Dual Modes, Two Choices A switch is designed in Talos for an easy switching between Planar Driver Mode and Planar+BA Hybrid Driver Mode. Each mode features a different sound signature due to different driver confirmations. In Planar Mode, the sound...
High-Value, Aftermarket, Upgrade Cable The HULK PRO is the successor to DUNU's first aftermarket cable with the patented Quick-Switch modular plug cable system. The original HULK cable was created for and by audiophiles as a high-value, aftermarket, upgrade cable with...
DUNU Titan S - Silver
DUNU Titan S - Silver
Cyberpunk Theme New Looks For the first time ever we have got a Cyberpunk Themed pair that looks simply spectacular in terms of build and design. Titan S revamps the classic Titan series of budget IEMs by DUNU in an...
DUNU Falcon Pro
10mm ECLIPSE dynamic driver Falcon Pro packs tremendously powerful performance with its newly developed 10mm ECLIPSE dynamic driver unit. It adopts a DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) Dome and fully independent suspension surround sound. The driver features a powerful magnetic system that produces...
DUNU's Revolutionary ECLIPSE Driver Technology DUNU revolutionized its dynamic driver technology with its specially developed ECLIPSE dynamic driver technology. For this, DUNU brings together multiple patented technologies in a single dynamic driver such as full-range response, powerful magnetic flux, metallic...
Good wire, more professional Using Japan Furukawa high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated wire, combining the different advantages of single crystal copper and silver, with both the charming and tasteful sound signature of copper, and the speed and resolution of alloy...
DUNU Blanche
Adopts DUNU patented self-locking quick-switch plug, which has been well received by users since its inception. Three plugs are included in the package, 2.5mm balanced, 4.4mm balanced and 3.5mm single-ended. It fully supports mainstream portable standards, which is convenient for...
Portable TYPE-C HIFI DAC Amp Built-in high-resolution ESSTech ES9118EC DAC chip, our portable DAC Amp fully enhances the sound quality of mobile phones while providing excellent headphone drive capability. Ultra-low-power dissipation extends the playback time. HI-RES Audio Output Capability Compatible...
DUNU Studio SA6
The Newly Developed 6 Balanced Armatures Earphone With times of testing with different drivers, our acoustic engineers finally go with the Knowles and Sonion balanced armatures. Each frequency is located with 2BA and with the tuning, you will enjoy a...
Welcome to the next generation of DUNU hybrid technology Quad-Driver Tribrid Configuration - The DUNU EST112 features a quad-driver tribrid setup. It houses a 3rd Generation 13.5 mm dynamic driver with dual-sided Beryllium coating, a Knowles balanced armature and a...
Enlightened conception We took a deliberate, inward look at the fundamental shapes that comprise an in-ear. The inner facet is sculpted, both for comfort and aesthetic completeness. ZEN Reborn With Trickle-down Technology The vent for DUNU'S proprietary Air Control Impedance...
Uncompromising Audio Superiority The DK4001 hybrid configuration of dynamic and balanced armature driver has been carefully engineered with premium precision-machined parts to account for the bass control and to ensure an excellent listening experience. Hi-Res 5-Driver Hybrid Earphone Bring Your...
Double?Refined?High?Purity OCC?Copper?Cable? DK-3001 Pro OCC copper cable is embraced with the double refining techniques, extracting the high purity single crystal again to achieve higher and purer copper wire. It greatly ensure the audio experience by reducing the transmission loss. DUNU?Patented?Catch-Hold...
DUNU DM480 - Grey
DUNU DM480 - Grey
Coaxial lsobaric Driver Module with Dual 8 mm Titanium Diaphragms A coaxial dual dynamic module with two 8 mm titanium diaphragms is at the heart of the DM-480,with an isobaric "dual-push" configuration, this setup possesses enhanced responsiveness and reduced overall...
High-Purity Silver-plated OCC Copper Litz Wire DK2001 equips with Litz wire cable constructed by the high- purity silver-plated OCc copper. Each wire is protected by an additional interference killing layer, allows it to deliver cleaner and higher fidelity sound. DUNU...

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