Linsoul x HBB Jupiter

4EST + 6BA + 1DD Tribrid IEM Powered By ZiiGaat
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Extreme Technicality: The Jupiter delivers extreme technicality and an enjoyable listening experience with extended ultra-treble, smooth timbre, and improved audio resolution through modified EST and balanced armature drivers.

DMDC™ Dual Magnetic & Dual Chamber Dynamic Driver: The Jupiter combines a 10mm dynamic driver and two Sonion BA drivers to deliver a powerful yet controlled bass with an 11dB sub-bass shelf, maintaining clean mids and a warm tonality for a balanced and professional listening experience.

Ergonomic Design: Experience the ultimate in ergonomic design with Jupiter. Our ergonomic design ensures a secure fit for hours of enjoyable listening, even during your most active moments.

Premium Detachable Cable: The premium detachable cable enhances the earphones, optimizing the connection to deliver every note and nuance directly into your ears, providing an immersive and magnified listening experience.

Tribrid IEM

Linsoul x HBB Jupiter is a next-generation Tribrid IEM, powered by ZiiGaat, offering extreme technicality, a powerful yet controlled bass, and a premium detachable cable for an immersive listening experience.

Innovative Driver Configuration

The Jupiter tackles the conflict between sonic technicality and enjoyable listening experience. By modifying the EST (electrostatic) driver and its implementation, the ultra-treble has been effectively extended to audible 80kHz, while maintaining a comfortable and smooth timbre. 6 balanced armature (BA) drivers from American Knowles and Danish Sonion corporations carry the low, mid, and treble frequencies. By stacking a high driver count, the BA drivers achieve greater output at lower harmonic distortions, which increase audio resolution. Audiences will find Jupiter's fundamental frequency range to be well-layered, highly defined, and richly textured.

Powerful and Controlled Bass

The Jupiter is designed to be as enjoyable as it is technical. This meant a powerful and robust bass that is exciting, but still well-controlled and professional. The Jupiter utilizes an all new 10mm composited diaphragm dynamic driver (DD) in combination with two 28UAP series Sonion BA drivers to power the sub-bass and lows. With a 11dB sub-bass shelf, the bass is powerful and resounding, allowing audiences to fully appreciate the lows. The hybrid driver configuration in the lows achieves a unison of texture and power from the dynamic driver with the transient speed and articulation of the balanced armature drivers. The bass has been carefully tuned to achieve this strength from 20Hz to 300Hz, with a mild sloping mid section until 1kHz. This means that despite a powerful bass section, the mids are still relatively clean and free from muddying. The mids have a slight warmth that complements the overall tonality, while still presenting itself as capable for professional performances.

Unparalleled Comfort

Our thoughtfully crafted design guarantees a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to delight in hours of uninterrupted, enjoyable listening

High Quality Detachable Cable

Unleash the true potential of the earphones. Our premium detachable cable has been meticulously designed to complement the earphone, ensuring that it delivers sound exactly as intended. By optimizing the connection between your music player and the IEMs, it acts as the perfect bridge to transmit every note, every beat, every subtle nuance directly into your ears. Dive deep into a world where every sound feels magnified, every melody clearer, and every listening session transforms into an immersive experience.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Linsoul x HBB Jupiter
  • User Manual

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Technical Details


4EST + 6BA + 1DD

Frequency Response



20 Ohm

Cable Interface




Plug Type

Detachable 0.78mm 2Pin


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Luigi Maria Larocca
The bad unboxing expérience

I already prtested s after I received the iem, but the answer was really disappointing

Heller J
M.MKIII but refined to 150%, with proper mid-bass

The Monarch MKIIIs were famous for its stunning bass and resolving capability, but some disliked its peaky brightness at some higher frequencies. The Jupiter fixes all of that while adding a heft of mid-bass body making away the trend of nowadays iems' rather thin mid-bass response. The result is a set that replays in everything the MK3 does well while subliming all low frequency instruments to the point where it almost sounds speaker-like. The tamed mid-to-high-treble response compared to the MK3 rather makes that airyful upper treble extension (thank to the four ESTs I suppose) shine as if it can handle infinite amount of complexity while still maintaining that spaciousness, rendering the soundstage as if it's boundless as an abyss...All while still not losing any details that could ever be retrieved in a set of IEMs at a price like this.

Granted, set is almost $600 more than a base set of MK3, but for anyone who's listened to the MK3s and find it rather fatiguing over time, or just trying find that last bit of refinement to the overall presentation of the sound— This is the definitive set to go.

Max Chen
Another HBB HomeRun!!!

The sub-bass is smooth with luscious. Clean and punchy mid-bass. Very good micro detailed mids. Crisp but non offensive treble. Supermassive soundstage with dynamic pinpoint imaging. Jupiter X HBB is an End Game IEM!!!

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