Kiwi Ears Quintet

1DD + 2BA + 1 Planar + 1 PZT In-Ear Monitor
定価 ¥35,414
販売価格 ¥35,414 定価

The Kiwi Ears Quintet utilizes 4 driver types, including a DLC dynamic driver, 2 balanced armature drivers, a planar magnetic driver, and a piezoelectric bone conductor, delivering high-resolution audio.

The new planar tweeter system in the Quintet, called MPT (Micro Planar Transducers), offers low noise, high output, and crisp treble, enhancing audio resolution and texture.

Kiwi Ears developed the MPT driver to address the challenge of achieving high-quality ultra-treble, providing sustained frequencies from 4kHz to 40kHz with natural tonal texture and integration.

The Quintet offers a balanced tonal signature, combining the best qualities of each driver type for impactful bass, neutral upper mids, detailed treble, and an extended soundstage.

4 Driver Types, 5 Drivers per Side

The Kiwi Ears Quintet utilizes 4 different types of drivers, consisting of 1 Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) dynamic driver, 2 balanced armature (BA) drivers, 1 planar magnetic driver, and 1 piezoelectric (PZT) bone conductor. With a total of 5 drivers per each ear, the Quintet delivers extremely high-resolution audio comparable to professional studio monitors. A large 10mm DLC driver was selected as the sub-woofer due to DLC’s high responsiveness and tensile strength, which pumps out impactful bass slams, but with fast decay speeds. 2 Knowles balanced armature drivers deliver natural and resolving mids, a classic example of why balanced armatures are beloved in the industry.

We are excited to announce the utilization of a new planar tweeter system in the Quintet. The MPT (Micro Planar Transducers) is a new driver technology for the IEM industry. These new tweeters feature the classic planar magnetic driver circuitry but with a smaller footprint for use in hybrid designs. With an extremely low noise floor and high output capacity, these planar magnetic drivers deliver crisp and detailed treble that is unique from typical BA or EST (electrostatic) tweeters used in most IEM’s today. Finally, a piezoelectric driver was utilized to deliver ultra-treble microdetail and air. In R&D testing, the presence of the PZT driver significantly enhanced perceived audio resolution, texture, and sound stage, making it a no-brainer to be an addition in the Quintet.

Kiwi Ears Micro Planar Transducers (MPT) Drivers

Achieving a high quality ultra-treble has been a challenge in the IEM industry. BA drivers are compact, but offer low ultra-treble extension, and are also limited by their output and timbre quality. EST drivers are difficult to utilize in multi-driver setups as they have very low output, often being masked by other drivers’ volumes. Additionally, EST drivers can sound very metallic at high voltage, resulting in an unnatural presence. For this reason, Kiwi Ears has developed a new ultra-treble tweeter with a small modular size of only 5mm, but a tremendous output of 118dB. The Kiwi Ears MPT driver is efficient at producing sustained treble frequencies from 4kHz to 40kHz.

Typical BA or EST drivers have diminishing treble output after 8kHz. However, the MPT driver can maintain the same constant sound pressure at 14kHz as at 4 or 8kHz. This allows extreme flexibility in tuning the MPT driver to match other driver types such as BA or DD, as their outputs are similar. Furthermore, the MPT driver has a significantly more natural tonal texture than EST or BA drivers, achieving better integration in the mix.

Balanced Tonal Signature

A balanced sound signature is a core belief at Kiwi Ears. The Quintet took almost a year in development due to the engineering difficulty of combining all of its driver types. However, the result is a completely balanced tone that accurately reflects the best qualities of each driver. The sub-bass hits strong and fast, with a 9dB shelf that transitions into a flat mids at 300Hz. This mids-bass transition ensures that there is a slight warmth in the lower mids for bass guitar notes to be in the mix, but still retain a studio-monitor-like neutrality to the upper mids.

This creates a natural and clean tone without any muddying or bloating. The treble accurately peaks at 3kHz to match the acoustic perception of the human ear’s pinna, with a gradual decay into the upper treble. Thus, the treble is well-detailed and sparkles, but without any shrillness or harshness. The planar and PZT drivers provides a good extension into the treble until 40kHz, making a higher sense of resolution, airy atmosphere, and soundstage.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Kiwi Ears Quintet
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Kiwi Ears Quintet Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details


In-Ear Monitors


1 Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) dynamic driver, 2 balanced armature (BA) drivers, 1 planar magnetic driver, and 1 piezoelectric (PZT) bone conductor

Cable Details

1.2 Meters, High-quality Oxygen-free Silver-plated Copper Cable

Cable Connectors

2-pin 0.78mm

Cable Termination

3.5mm Stereo Cable


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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Javier Prado
The ultimate IEM

Kiwi ears is my favorite brand, I have the candenza, the quartet, the melody and now the quintet which is clearly the best, truly amazing. I'd appreciate if they added the option of a 4.4 cable

Quintet sizing

The low star rating is mostly due to the size. It was impossible for me to listen for more than a few minutes at a time due to the irritation it was causing. I know I wasn't getting the full audio experience since I couldn't get a seal. I tried all sizes and materials of nibs to make them work but the shell might be too big in general, for me. Utter disappointment when I reached out to exchange or return the Kiwi Ears for a smaller option and Linsoul denied me and offered no help!

Tim Kuipers

Kiwi Ears Quintet

Erich Petersen
The best IEM I have

The best IEM I ever have!

William Day
Great IEMs!

I really enjoy these; they are a nice complement to my other IEMs. Also, they are vented, so the pressure doesn't build up after extended listening. Awesome IEMs, just make sure to get a good seal. Try out different tips, to discover the best seal, and you will enjoy these.

Scott Hume
A plain looking gem that sparkles

A beautiful engaging IEM but quite tip dependent. Sounded the best with Moondrop spring tips. Love em!

Best set in my collection

It's my best and most expensive set yet. In my collection, there is one set that can compete somewhat in the details department, but is less fun. It's Thruethear Hexa. It's less bassy than Kiwi ears, but as detailed, to my ears.
S12 that I have is a set that always left me with mixed feelings, but it's closest in price within my collection. It definitely sounds less natural, than Quintet.
Quintet is a lovely set. Detailed yet still very musical. It gives lots of fun, but it's not boomy or muffled. It sounds very natural. Definite recommendation!

Daniel Kusk
Amazing iem but terrible fit for me

The sound quality per price is the best that I have heard but I couldn’t get a good fit, nozzle is too long and just uncomfortable in the ear for me

Christopher C.
These are an amazing experience, Quadbrid sub $500!!

Build Quality: The body of the IEMs is superb, the 3D-printed resin and faceplate have a smooth texture creating a high-end feel to the touch. The included cable never kinks or gets tangled, this makes using them and the cable effortless and frustration-free. The tips offer different music experiences and thank you for so many size options.

Sound Quality: These were able to play almost everything at an exceptional level at their price point! Instrumental music like Claire de Lune, Fur Elise, The Four Seasons e largo pianissimo e Sempre performed well with good tonality and accuracy, Pachelbel: Canon in D Major performed by Sir Neville Marriner was a treat! Orchestral and Opera style music like Requiem in D Minor, K. 626 Sequence VI, Lacrimosa dies illa, Erlkonig Op 1, D. 328 were quite the experience!! Popular/Modern music played well. They shined in music with strong vocals, Blake Shelton, Adele, Nicotine Dolls, Bob Segar, etc. On the flip side, I didn't see this much but songs with bad mixing or some of the Baroque, Classic, Orchestral style music with floor noise did not play or sound well. They weren't bad experiences, but the Quintets identified those areas and it was hard to ignore. One experience that sticks out is Ellie Goulding's Explosions. Maybe it is the Piezoelectric Bone Conductor creating that higher end, but the mix of that song came off shrill in some areas, not brooding and dark as it typically would. 

But I highly recommend these at this price point, with that Quadbrid setup, it's hard to pass up such a value and experience!! Great job on these Linsoul! YouTube video placeholder
Believe the Hype

I really love the Quintet!

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