Kiwi Ears Melody

12mm Planar Driver IEM
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Planar Driver Innovation: Kiwi Ears introduces their first planar in-ear monitor (IEM), featuring an in-house 12mm planar driver that harnesses the acclaimed technology of high-end headphones, now conveniently packed into a portable and durable in-ear earphone.

Professional-Grade Audio: The 12mm planar driver offers an impressive frequency response range from 5Hz to 40,000Hz, ensuring the faithful reproduction of every audio nuance, from deep bass to intricate treble details. The IEM delivers powerful bass, airy trebles, and a wide, realistic soundstage akin to open-back headphones, all housed in a custom-designed driver enclosure.

Bass-Lover's Dream: Unlike the neutral tonal balance of other Kiwi Ears IEMs, the Melody caters to bass enthusiasts with a tuned emphasis on powerful bass output characteristic of planar drivers. Careful tuning of the mids and trebles ensures a balanced and articulate sound signature, while the ultra treble extension enhances air and microdetails.

Versatile Compatibility: With an impedance of only 18Ω and a 102dB sensitivity, the Melody is optimized to efficiently power the planar driver, making it compatible with a wide range of mobile and professional DAC/AMP setups. Whether for on-the-go or studio use, the Melody offers flexibility in audio source compatibility.

Driven by the pursuit of extraordinary audio reproduction, at Kiwi Ears, we create the perfect mix of technological innovations and refined tuning strategies.

With musicians and studio engineers particularly in mind, we are on an uncompromising quest to produce the finest professional In-Ear Monitors that will reveal every nuance in your music and performance. Never settling for mediocrity, our small team of dedicated engineers handcrafts each unit so that you can worry less about what’s in your ears and focus more on the sounds you are making. We are Kiwi Ears, and we’re bringing you music heard like never before.

Professional Technicalities

The new 12mm planar driver delivers a frequency response range from 5Hz to 40,000Hz. This means every audible nuance from the lowest of the bass to the slightest microdetail in the treble is faithfully reproduced from your music. The bass truly rumbles with great sensitivity and power, while the trebles are airy and filled with shimmer. And thanks to the custom designed driver housing enclosure, the soundstage is wide and realistic, like that of open-back headphones, with accurate imaging reproduction.

Powerful Tuning

Deviating from the normally neutral tonal balance found in our other IEM’s, the Melody is truly a bass-lover’s dream. The Melody was tuned to fully demonstrate the powerful bass that a planar driver can output. The Melody provides the most quantity and quality bass from our lineup of IEM’s so far, with an impactful slam that is extremely fast and responsive, fully characteristic of true planar drivers. But to prevent a dull or muddy sound signature, the mids and treble have been carefully tuned to match the bass. With a precise treble placement at 3kHz to match the ear’s natural perceived hearing, and a gradual treble curvature, the Melody provides crisp articulation. And thanks to our in-house driver advancements, the ultra treble from the 10kHz to 40kHz is fully extended, to provide hyper realistic air and microdetails.

Easy Compatibility

The Melody’s engineering was fully optimized to efficiently power our planar driver. With an impedance of only 18Ω and a 102dB sensitivity, the Melody can be paired with any mobile or professional DAC/AMP. This makes the Melody perfect for both on-the-go as well as sit-in settings.

Detachable Custom Cable

The Melody comes standard with a detachable cable featuring 0.78mm 2pin connectors. This high quality custom cable optimizes signal transmissions while reducing microphonic noises. The cable can be swapped with other cables to customize your experience, as well as extended the longevity of the IEM.

Inside the Box

  • Melody In-Ear Monitors
  • 1.2 Meter long detachable cable with 0.78mm 2-pin terminations and 3.5mm plug.
  • 6 Pairs of Silicone Ear-tips
  • Warranty Card

1 Year Warranty

The Kiwi Ears Melody Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details


< 0.5%(at 1KHz)


12mm Planar Driver

Rated Power


Frequency Response



18 ohms

Max Power



26awg occ/ monocrystal Copper cable

Cable Interface



102dB(at 1KHz/mW)

Plug Type

Detachable 0.78mm 2Pin


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Erich Petersen
Bons graves.

O fone tem bons graves para um planar, mas eu achei um fone muito escuro pro meu gosto.

Sergio Henrique
Muito bom

Produto bem embalado e com todas as características da descrição.

Javier Prado
Fantastic set

I love these IEM, they are beautiful and very comfortable to wear. Sound is awesome with very clean and fast base, good mids and tremble with no sibilance. I own a few planars including S12 pro and these are by far my favorites.

Gabriel Alejandro Orellana Ramirez
Calidad precio

Bass like no other headphone, with a technology that makes it stand out from the rest thanks to its audio quality.

Векленко Роман Сергеевич
Great planar headphones! We continue to cooperate) Happy New Year, Friends!

The bass is palpable, powerful, which is unusual for planars.
Sub-bass merges with honey and this homogeneous mass is perceived naturally.
The mid-range smoothly creeps into the mid-frequency range, without bringing dirt at the same time
The midrange frequencies are presented as softened and comfortable.
The middle has a smooth, gentle flow into the lower upper ones, which, however, do not have any accentuated gain and are perceived comfortably with sufficient clarity.
Further, the HF after 3-4 ghz has a smooth descent to 8 khz, where everything is also very neat and the peak at 8 khz is not felt.
Due to the fact that 4.5-5 kHz does not peak, the detail of the upper HF does not suffer.
The scene has a decent average depth and width and is perceived organically.

Warm Budget Planar IEM

Is this the cheapest Planar IEM in the industry?
If you are into warm, non-fatiguing and "laid-back" in-ear monitors, this is suitable for long hours.
However, if your attention is on micro details, this won't be the set for you, especially if you are coming from the Kiwi Ears Quintet. They are very different models. The Melody is not a "baby" of the Quintet.
The Melody does have a better ergonomic design compared to the Quintet as the latter tends to sticks out too much.
I like the cables of both in-ear monitors.
I'd give this 3.5/5 if I could, which isn't bad, and this is due to my personal preference for detailed in-ear monitors.

a Planar IEM with a super budgeted orice point

The planar sound at such an affordable price is commendable, showcasing some intrinsic characteristics of these drivers.
I appreciated the warm and homogeneous intonation, especially its focus in the lower part of the audible range.
The body and physicality in vocals were notable, contributing to an immersive audio experience.
The product's excellent ergonomics, fit, and low weight added to its overall appeal.
The quality of the cable was a positive aspect that contributed to the overall user experience.

The negative part: Dark sounding and lack the micro details. But for that price point. No complains.


I bought these after loving the quintessential. These iems are aweful. Sound is crap. Sold them off and got my money back.

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