Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition

2EST + 1BA + 1DD Tribrid IEM tuned in collaboration with Zeos Pantera (Z Reviews)
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Upgraded Kinera Nana 2.0 tuned in collaboration with Zeos Pantera @ZReviews.

Enhanced with a more powerful dynamic driver to create a more substantial rumble and powerful sub-bass resonance.

2 Sonion electrostatic drivers that deliver high-fidelity audio resolution from 7kHz to 40kHz.

High-efficiency full range balanced armature driver offers studio-grade technicalities.

Hand picked selection of eartips to enhance different listening preferences.

Tuning Enhancements

With a more powerful dynamic driver, the bass region from 5 to 250Hz has been elevated by 3dB to create a more substantial rumble and powerful sub-bass resonance. This update brings about a more fullness in the overall sound of the Nanna and makes for a more exciting and engaging listening compared to its previous version. This update was inspired by home theater audio, and successfully mimics the audio experience and fullness of enjoying your music in a professional loudspeaker setup.

Technical Prowess

The Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition features 2 Sonion electrostatic drivers that deliver high-fidelity audio resolution from 7kHz to 40kHz. This upper treble extension significantly enhances the audio quality, detail retrieval, and acoustic ambiance compared to traditional dynamic or balanced armature drivers.

Combined with a high-efficiency full range balanced armature driver, the Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition offers studio-grade technicalities in the audio, with high degree of separation between instruments, integrative layering in the sound, and depth to each note. The new Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition is a one-stop solution to all of your Hi-Fi audio needs.

Upgraded Modular Cable

The Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition comes standard with an upgraded Hi-Fi modular cable. The cable consists of a double braided 6N silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable, particularly enhanced by strand thickness compared to typical IEM cables. The high conductivity of the strands, along with the silver-plating, allows pristine audio transmission without any loss in quality from the source to the IEMs.

The Modular design allows the user to switch the termination between 4.4mm (balanced), 2.5mm (balanced), and 3.5mm (unbalanced) plugs simply by swapping the ends. This versatile is perfect to fit any audio device.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details


Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition


2 Sonions EST + 1 Mids Sonions BA + 7mm Dynamic Driver



Frequency Range



60 ohms

Cable Interface



3-in-1 detachable cable (2.5mm/4.4mm/3.5mm plug included)

CABLE Material

6N OCC with Silver Plated Cable

CABLE Length



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jeffrey Lightfoot
Yes yes to Na Na

Very well rounded and satisfying. Enough sub and mid bass to be fun but a great sense of air and space that plays vary well with my diverse library. I compare it to other ones but keep coming back to the Z-tune.

Lucas Dennison
Great iems

Best I have heard for iems. Very clear separated sound and fun listen.

Matus Jurcik
5 stars for the product, 0 stars for the Linsoul company

How does these sound? ... Like my nanna 2.0 with slightly different flavour. When it comes to pure sound quality its a rec and EZ endgame for most of the people ... When it comes to Linsoul company, newer again. I will explain. Some time ago I ordered kinera nanna 2.0 from the Linsoul it came faulty but Ii took me some time (right tracks) to figure it out. They charged me for 2 way shipping as I exceeded the return time (they reposponded that driver in the right earpiece were loose and they shipped it back to me). Than I ordered the p1max which also had loose driver but I didnt ship it back cuz I paid 80 eur for them and shiiping would be 100% of that price. Then I ordered the ovidius B1 dac/amp, it made weird noise, so they send me second usb cable which didnt solve the problem. I didnt ship the ovidius back as it cost me 70 eur. Now the kinera 2.1, the same experience as with the nanna 2.0 (loose driver, making buzz on some freqs.) So I shipped them back (As I paid 521 eur for them), they charged me for 2 way shipping and in my country they wanted to charge the tax second time from me (for that product) because of the way the linsoul shipped it back, but this time Linsoul concluded that there is no problem and they are truthful in their claims. Nanna 2.1 came back to me just yesterday and after some re-testing. Now I see/hear that there is still 100% of that buzz in the right earpiece and I was truthful in my claims not them, I wasnt halucinating. I compared it also with my other iems and aftermarket cables and did all possible combination cables vs iems, unfortunately phone mics werent able to record the problem as I expected. Propably Linsoul like to discount faulty units (to get rid of them) and after the return (for repair) they deny that problems, because that is my experience. I used to be frequent Linsoul customer, but after all this experience never again. Linsoul you just lost your loyal customer!

Charlie Baker
Very Enjoyable IEM

I got mine around prime day for a half off deal and its easily my favorite IEM I own now. the mids and highs sing

m ali
Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition on safe side tune

Kinera Nanna 2.1 well known as one of the best iem in market . with Z-tune is much better and more relaxing on bass and upper bass. I don't want to go deeper in that but this is one best you can buy in the enormous world of IEMs.

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