HarmonicDyne Black Hole

Ergonomic 50mm Dynamic Driver Headphones
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Audiophile Excellence with Comfort: The Black Hole offers a unique approach, blending Hi-Fi sound and ergonomic comfort. Prioritizing an immersive experience, it ensures both superior audio quality and lightweight design.

Superior Sound Engineering: Featuring a 50mm dynamic driver, the Black Hole delivers a relevant and accurate sound profile. Redesigned treble and powerful bass cater to audiophiles' preferences.

Innovative Ergonomics: The Black Hole introduces a second-gen M-Type Pressure Relief Acoustic Cavity for comfort. With reduced weight and an upgraded headband, it ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

Luxurious Design and Materials: Crafted with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, the Black Hole combines durability with aesthetic appeal. The acoustic earpads and clever ventilation design enhance both music enjoyment and comfort.

About HarmonicDyne: The Pursuit of Better Sound

HarmonicDyne’s goal is to deliver better sounding audio to the everyday music lover. HarmonicDyne has made its global success through several crowdfunding campaigns, including the Helios, Zeus, and Poseidon headphones. Each of these launches achieved the combination of amazing acoustic performance, bespoke craftsmanship, and budget-friendly affordability. HarmonicDyne will continue the tradition of designing and carefully manufacturing the best headphones that are accessible to every audience.

A New Approach to Audiophile Headphones

The HarmonicDyne Black Hole features an all new approach to designing audiophile headphones. The two major focuses for this project were: 1) Hi-Fi sound quality & 2) Ergonomic Fit. The Black Hole delivers a truly audiophile sound signature that is immersive and engaging, all while being ultra-comfortable and lightweight.

50mm Dynamic Driver with Professional Tuning

The Black Hole features a second generation of our large 50mm composite carbon fiber bio-film diaphragm, which is arranged in an inert sandwich structure. Having grown from our previous project, we have redesigned our target tonal signature to provide a more relevant and accurate sound that is suitable for audiophiles. We have redesigned the treble signature to better match the tonal perception of the human ear. This creates a more crisp and articulated sound signature that is detailed, yet pleasant to listen to. With a precise pinna at 3kHz that gradually decays into the upper treble frequencies, the Black Hole will present a natural and professional treble signature. Furthemore, the bass response has also been reimagined. The bass is incredibly powerful and resounding, with a massive 15dB subbass shelf. However, the mids from 600-1000Hz has been kept neutral to present a life-like and natural timbre to instruments and vocals.

New Ergonomic Design

The Black Hole features the second-generation of M-Type Pressure Relief Acoustic Cavity. Formatted with a semi-open back design, the new relief cavity is a passive venting system that relieves internal pressures to give a pleasant listening experience, without compromising on the acoustic seal inside the cups. This also reduces sound reflections within the cup for a cleaner and purer sound. The overall weight of the headphones have also been significantly reduced from our previous generations, as well as the headband upgraded to provide a much more comfortable wearing experience without fatigue. The headband has been designed to better wrap around the user’s head shape and better disperse the weight for a more secure fit, with less clamping-like discomfort. This has been further aided by a new material on the headband which provides a more plush contact point with the head with improved ventilation. With this clever ventilation design, the earphones provide an airy and breathable feeling when you wear them, reducing the pressure on your head.

Earpads that You Won’t Want to Take Off

The Black Hole uses newly designed high-quality acoustic earpads. Compared with the previous models, we have optimized the proportion of the semi-inert sponge that is more in line with acoustic properties and a new material with a velvet lining that is more uniform in air permeability. This design allows you to better enjoy music while providing a more comfortable wearing experience.

Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Construction

In order to ensure the high quality and durability of the product, the back cover of the second-generation M-type pressure relief acoustic cavity is made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. The decorative piece of the headband is also made of aerospace aluminum alloy and has been treated with a special process to make it more durable and beautiful. The selection of these materials and manufacturing processes guarantees the quality of the product. The Black Hole is your ideal headphones for enjoying music wherever you are. Whether you're a music lover, a gamer, or a professional musician, we're confident that this product will meet your needs.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x HarmonicDyne Black Hole
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The HarmonicDyne Black Hole Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Unit

50mm Dynamic Driver

Acoustic Structure


Input Impedance

32Ω @1KHz

Frequency Response

10-40KHz (free field)


110dB/Vrms @1KHz

Harmonic Distortion

≤0.15% @1KHz 100dB SPL

Audio Cable

1.5 meters Oxygen-Free Copper Cable

Cable Connectors


Ear Cushions

Special Velvet

Product Dimensions

210x175x105 (mm)

Product Weight

About 305g


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