BLON x Z Jojo

10mm Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitors
定価 ¥7,924
販売価格 ¥7,924 定価

The Jojo is an upgraded version of the popular BLON BL05S in-ear monitors. It features improved sound quality, durability, and a sleek design.

BLON collaborates with Z Reviews to create an affordable professional in-ear earphone, making high-quality audio accessible to all.

The Jojo features a high-resolution dynamic driver with a responsive composite membrane, delivering low distortion and a balanced sound signature with a powerful bass.

Built with a zinc alloy die-casting and real 18K gold-plated sheets, the Jojo showcases a luxurious and durable metallic purple housing.

The removable quad-strand silver-plated oxygen-free aluminum cable ensures noise-free audio transmission, and its 0.78mm 2-pin connector allows easy replacement with other cables.

High-Resolution Dynamic Driver

The Jojo is built around a new 10mm composite membrane dynamic driver capable of high output with low distortions. This new driver features a responsive composite membrane with a high degree of membrane tension and responsiveness.

Acoustically tuned according to Z Reviews’ expertise, the Jojo has a balanced sound signature with emphasis on a powerful bass. With a high quality bass response and excellent detail retrieval, the Jojo is a performance in-ear monitor perfect for music lovers and on-stage musicians.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x BLON x Z Jojo
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The BLON x Z Jojo Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details


BL0N X Z Jojo


10mm Composite membrane dynamic driver





Frequency Response



Purple (Metallic)


Zinc alloy die-casting + gold sheet (18K real gold plated)

Cable Details

3.5mm to 2-pin 0.78mm four-strand silver-plated aluminum foil wire

Cable Length

1.2m±5% meters


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Andrius Akinis
Poor build

After a week one of the drivers stopped working. Saved the cable (it's really nice).
The sound quality itself is quite superb for the 50 euro price I paid, however keep in mind the durability might not be up to par.

Hello there,

We are sorry about your problem. Please feel assured that we will try our best to help you to fix the problem.

We have already sent an email to gather more information. For any future occurrences, we kindly recommend reaching out to us through email at as it allows us to provide a quicker and more comprehensive resolution to any issues you may encounter.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Yurii Bagirov
Very good IEMs with an engaging warm sound.

Good deep bass, comfortable highs with a slight accent emphasizing transients and attacks.
Comfortable fit. The sound is warm, but with clearly audible high frequencies.
The high frequencies are very neat, clear where needed, and fill the musical canvas well.
Overall the headphones are very musical. Thanks Blon. They know how to make good sounding IEMs.

richard james
Awesome sound

Awesome sound, and great price.

Nick A
Great sound great look

Very happy with them as daily wear for walks and vibing.

Jeffrey Alvarez
My first IEMs and I’m in love

Bought them at the behest of Zoes and the unbeatable price and after burning them in I fell in love with them I pretty much use them everyday now. They fit in my ears with the small grey tips surprisingly well. Only issue I have with them is the tips seem to actually get stuck in my ears and pull of from the IEMs.

Caroline Marceano

I do have one complaint for these IEMS, I feel as if It is abnormally hard to figure out which way is left in which way is right, and there is no physical or visual marker on the IEMs. My solution is that I have tied one side into a very small knot, and so I just feel down the line, and the line with the knot is the right side.

Aside from that, they have a aggressive and powerful punchy sound when driven high, and a subdued more rounded sound when driven medium or low, useful for listening to podcasts or blasting loud aggressive music but not much in between.

Full body sound

Small, low profile, with excellent sound. Love the purple color. Once I figured out what tips worked best for me, I can't get enough music. Definitely want to give these to family members so they can just stop and absorb all the sound and clarity these have. I have been a long time subscriber to Zeos and his recommendations have always steered me in the right direction.

Best BANG for your Buck!

Really.... Just get these. These are some really good IEMs. They are now my daily drivers instead of my Sure 535. These will not disappoint. Especially at the price of $49.00 (at the time of writing) 100 recommend it.

David Walters
These will Blon your mind

Honestly a great pair of IEMS - If you are interested in dipping your toes in high end sound - Give these a try! they will not disappoint

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