Rules to participate in the Loyal Community Program

In Linsoul we love our customers feedback and understand that many times it might be difficult to find products that suit your tastes or hear from other customers and not just reviewers. The Loyal Community Program is a system to allow you to test and review exciting products, sometimes before launch, so the community can benefit from having many different opinions from customers all over the world.

The program works by allowing customers to test an item and send it to the next person in line. Sometimes the products will be selected by Linsoul but Polls an requests will be heard to add more products to be tested by our amazing community.

Every person who receives he item is responsable for writing an original review/opinion with photos and submitting it thru the Linsoul website in the submit review section of the product. All reviews will be published in the website. Testers are also responsible for sending the item to the next person in line. You will find the details required to ship this item in the product page when it’s your turn to send the item to the next person waiting in the list.

Testers Selection

Our process for selecting testers is very simple, please read bellow the requirements and recommendations to be able to join our loyalty program:

  • Provide additional personal information including at least one social media account (This information is only for screening purposes and will never be shared).
  • All testers are required to have spent a minimum amount of money (depending on the item to be tested) in the Amazon, Drop, Indiegogo, the old Linsoul website and similar platforms don’t apply as the system uses your order information (you need to be logged in) to allow you to send your submission.
  • Pre-pay for the shipping of the product for the next person. You can find this in the product you want to join, and this will change based on items and regionally where the test will be done. The first 5 randomly selected testers will have this cost refunded to their payment method.
  • We also utilize other data, like how many orders you have made before and the time you have been a customer to select possible testers.

How do i know if i was selected?

All Test prodcuts will have a starting date; this date is our internal deadline to select all testers for said product. If you have been selected you will find your name and the position on the list in which you will receive your item.

Other Rules

  • Linsoul reserves the right of final explanation.
  • By participating in the testing program (even if you aren’t selected), you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.